Mira Bhaindar Municipal Corporation

Mira Bhaindar Municipal Corporation

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शेवटचा बदल January 5th, 2023 at 11:00 am

Citizen Charter

The daily and periodical needs of the citizens are more in the metropolis than in other areas. Often they are urgent and priority. Therefore, the responsibility of solving those needs competently, effectively, plannedly and without politics falls on the administration of the municipal corporation, so a simple, efficient but equally decisive and effective means should be adopted to resolve the problems of the citizens within a limited time and for this, the basic rules of Maharashtra Municipal Corporations, bye-laws and the time-to-time guidelines from the government should be adopted.

          For this, a chart of all the work that is clearly shown in the duties of the municipal corporation and the work that is expected from the local self-government bodies should be prepared at the municipal level. It should include all kinds of matters that are regularly important to the citizens. However, the work method here is very complicated compared to other municipal corporations. , taking time and not interesting, so that this does not happen, a manifesto has been made for the citizens in order to ensure the convenience, convenience and speed of work.